Popular Revolvers For Black Powder Hobbyists

There are many differeblack_powder-1nt reproductions and replicas of black powder revolvers that you may wish to begin with as you start enjoying this hobby.

One of the most popular collections is the 1851 Navy, created even before the Civil War for stagecoach drivers going westward and on the Pony Express. This revolver was created beginning in 1851 and through 1872. Even though it may be called Navy several, due to its firepower of .44 caliber, Army officers also preferred this revolver during the Civil War.

One version is the Confederate which was created using brass as the south did not produce steel as did the North during the Civil War. This one offers a barrel that has an octagonal shape in the color blue with a grass frame and guard, with a cylinder in blue and the grip is created using walnut. The barrel is 7 1/2 inches long with an overall length of 13 1/4 inches long and weighs just over 2 1/2 pounds.

In the North, the same revolver was created with several different types of frame styles, barrel lengths, and calibers. In the North, it was mainly created using steel as there were steel factories in the North. The revolver offers 6 shots and uses cap and ball.

Another very popular reproduction is the 1849 pocket Uberti and Wells Fargo revolver. This pocket revolver is a .31 caliber with a 4-inch barrel length that only weighs just a bit over 1 1/2 pounds. The finish is blue, the frame is case hardened, it has a trigger guard, and a backstrap that is created from brass with a grip made from walnut. The overall length is 9 1/2 inches, making it easy to carry. One other in this series is also available with the only difference being it weighs just a bit less.