Black Powder In-Line Rifles

If you truly want a fun muzzleloader, then you may want to learn more about the best sellers of in-line rifles for black powder enthusiasts. There are several different brands; however, the most popular brands are Remington and Thompson/Center.

Remingtonrem_700_mz 700 Ultimate

This muzzleloader is crafted after the Remington 700 receiver. This rifle is known for its accuracy and power when it comes to centerfire rifles. It offers a U.M.
L. ignition system that allows for a three-hundred-yard hit. This rifle was the one chosen by Bell and Carlson Medalist. The unique performance that allows the three-hundred-yard accuracy is the two hundred gr magnum charges. The receiver provides strength as well as uniformity. The barrel is fluted and is twenty-six inch with your choice of laminated wood stock or Bell and Carlson Medalist synthetic. The rifle offers a one in twenty-six rate of twist and comes complete with a hard case and twenty Remington saboted bullets and 24 primed brass bullets.

Thompson/Center Impact

This 50 caliber rifle may have an entry level price but it offers a higher end performance with an adjustable length of pull and a break open action. The hood provides even action for either left or right-handed shooters and is quite easy to clean and offers easy primer access. The one-inch removable stock spacers help give it its popularity as anyone of all sizes and ages will be able to have the perfect rifle that fits them. It has a fast reloading time due to the QLA muzzle. The rifle weighs six and a half pounds with an overall length of forty-one inches. The length of pull is twelve and one-half inches to thirteen and one-half inches and has a blued-black finish.

As mentioned earlier, there are several different in-line rifles to choose from and you should find one that fits your needs as well as one you can handle instead of just choosing one of the most popular.