Krutnarr provides you with information on black powder sports shooting as well as the hobby of using the black powder which was the only firearms that were available until around the end of the 19th century.

Today, using black powder is coming back in style as it takes real talent in order to shoot game or targets, much like the pioneer days and even during the Civil War in the United States.

As you browse the pages of this website, you will learn more about black powder revolvers; pistols; in-line rifles; traditional shotguns and rifles; round balls, bullets, and sabots; cap and powder; accessories for revolvers and pistols; and accessories for shotguns and rifles.

If you have ever been to a reenactment of any of the wars including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, you more than likely have seen some of the black powder guns and other items of that era. These may be original from the dates of the wars or replicas to create the best reenactment as possible.

On the other hand, the trend of using black powder once again is on the rise in sportsman’s clubs and shooting ranges across America as well as in other countries. It takes a bit more than just aiming a gun and firing to hit the target which is one main reason that this sports shooting hobby is gaining popularity.

From loading the black powder into the gun or rifle of your choice to aiming before the target hears you and runs to the pure gratification of hitting a target using this type of weapon that was more than likely used by your great grandfather, is thrilling.