Gaming and Hunting

Gaming has evolved and its definition has become something that is discussed and debated among many individuals within different communities worldwide. There are multiple aspects of games that make them an exciting and valuable part of life.

The Truth about Blackpowder Rifles

For anyone who is a hunter, chances are that they will have heard of blackpowder rifle s. A lot is said about them but unfortunately, most of the stories circulating are based on pure mythology. Especially if

Reasons to Hunt with a Blacksmoke Rifle

The smoke that comes out after firing a shot, the deep banging sound, the challenge of shooting on target with each individual load… these are some of the reasons why blacksmoke rifles are the rifles of choice for

Blacksmoke Rifle Shooting Tips

Blackpowder rifles, also known as smoke sticks, are a challenging but fun way to hunt for deer. You can also use a blackpowder shotgun or pistol to hunt for dove or squirrel. Popularly considered a primitive hunting weapon,

The Essence of Games

Have you ever got pensive for just a moment and tried to imagine life, devoid of any kind of refreshment or entertainment whatsoever? Well, it might seem to be as easy as a dandelion clock is to

Popular Revolvers For Black Powder Hobbyists

There are many different reproductions and replicas of black powder revolvers that you may wish to begin with as you start enjoying this hobby. One of the most popular collections is the 1851 Navy, created even before

Most Popular Black Powder Pistol Kits

For those that truly love do it yourself projects and are into black powder pistols, they will have fun with the Kentucky .50 caliber percussion pistol kit or the Trapper .50 caliber percussion pistol kit. Kentucky Tradition

Black Powder In-Line Rifles

If you truly want a fun muzzleloader, then you may want to learn more about the best sellers of in-line rifles for black powder enthusiasts. There are several different brands; however, the most popular brands are Remington